Reviews of some excellent car batteries

car batteriesAre you searching for some of the best car batteries? Well! Here is a list of the top three car batteries. To know more about these car batteries, just read more best car battery reviews here.

Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop

The Optima battery is a high power battery which offers great performance and also has optimal starting power in case of rough weather.

  • This battery uses approximately 12-V and 720 amps of cold-cranking having a reserve ability of 90 minutes.
  • It weighs around 39.5 pounds, so is more resistant to encompasses and vibration with added durability and hardiness.
  • This particular battery is perfect for heavy practice such as roads and hot road owing to the heavy execution capabilities, leak proof body and also rapid starting facility.
  • The design of this battery is prepared on the basis of an exclusive spiral design which to keep the nature safe.

Odyssey PC680-P Battery

This Odyssey sports battery is a strongly built battery which has healthy performance and functions very well on all kinds of terrains like the snow, sea or even land.

  • This battery is made up of pure lead plates and also has a non spillage AGM construction. This helps to counter strike the vibrations and the shock that might affect the battery easily.
  • The battery delivers optimum power as it has 170 CCA and has 70 % longer life span. In addition to this, the pure lead plates help in increasing the life span.
  • It is capable of consuming at least 400 cycles at one discharge of 80% and also generates stable voltage for longer span.
  • The recharging ability of this battery is very fast and it hardly takes 4-6 hours for it to recharge 100%.

UPG 85980 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

This battery is a Lead Acid Battery in which the UPG is sealed. It consumes about 12V and 35 Amp of power which is capable of delivering finest performance for spotlights, UPS backup systems, exit lighting, flashlights, and other electronic devices.

  • This battery is pretty good to start a normal 5kw electric generator and has lugs which are capable of handling all types of machine nuts and screws. The battery is built tough so that it is able to work as long as eight years.
  • It can handle rough temperatures well and suggests the best starting time, even at temperature as low as 0.
  • The lead acid battery is used along with solar panel for the purpose of recharging. It recharges very quickly and also has a great reserve time.
  • The battery is capable of running for at least three hours with 5 amp load, whereas, with smaller loads, it is able to run for up to five hours.
  • The body of this battery is made such that it can be sealed properly and is also built tough making it adaptable for any kind of situation.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get the best car battery according to your requirements now.

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